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First United Methodist Church of Farmersville


We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ, united in our faith, dedicated to serving others. We welcome all, see and serve others, and know the joy of loving Jesus Christ.
We have been an active part of the Farmersville community for over 150 years, providing a spiritual home for all who seek to know Christ.





Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon


206 N Main Street

Farmersville, TX 75442

 Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 680

Farmersville, TX 75442



  • We will be having a called “Charge Conference” for all members of the church next Sunday January 27th right after our worship service. Please plan to stay and attend if at all possible.

  • The Mission Committee meeting that would have occurred next Sunday Jan. 27th will be postponed. We will meet on the 4th Sunday, the 24th of February.

  • The Caring Ministry Committee will meet next Monday January 28th at 10 AM in the Baker House.

  • A Bible Study on the book of Matthew led by Rev. Greg Neal will begin on Tuesday  January 29th at 1 PM. All are invited! Please come!

  • Please remember our Altar Rail offering for January that will go to UMCOR to help with disaster relief.

     Prayer blankets:

    1. Blue plaid blanket:

    Jim Golden has bladder complications and is seeking treatment which may last months. Please pray for Jim during this time of pain and unrest

    2. Colorful blanket:

    Brian Strange’s niece, Miranda Colby age 17 passed away, please pray for her parents and family.  The parents are Trudy and Mike Strange.

  •  Submit a prayer request online by clicking here.

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Threshing is the processing whereby the grain is separated from the husks so that the grain can then be successfully winnowed out and gathered together for use. The process of threshing is exhausting, but it is necessary work before winnowing is possible.

Likewise, spiritual threshing is difficult work. True, we have been given many spiritual disciplines — the means of grace, including prayer, the reading of scripture, fellowshipping with other Christians, the sacrament of Holy Communion, service, giving, pastoral counsel and spiritual direction — to help us in our spiritual threshing process. In and through the exercise of these disciplines, the grain of God’s grace in our lives can be separated from the rubble of sin that threatens to choke our spiritual arteries.

It can be so easy to just hoard all the rubble from a spiritual threshing process. But we can’t. We must clear our thrashing floors of the trash (sin) so that the grain of God’s grace can be gathered together to do us, and others, some good.Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas January 13, 2019 See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

First United Methodist Church of Farmersville

Thanks to Kassidy and Ellie for serving as our liturgists this morning!
#wearethechurch #wearethebody
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Shepherds in Judea were not highly respected: they were looked upon with disdain and mistrust, for they lived around smelly sheep and didn’t associate with "polite society." Among all of the possible witnesses to the brith of the Messiah, why would the Angel choose them?

And, yet, even despite their identity as being on the fringe of Jewish society, God did, indeed, choose them to witness to the birth of the Christ Child! God chose them to be the first to proclaim the Good News of the birth of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. It’s a recurring theme throughout scripture: those whom we would never choose — those whom the Church would reject as being unworthy or inadequate or too problematic — nevertheless, God chooses. And this is good news for us.

Let’s be honest: we know we’re not perfect. We know we make lots of mistakes. We know that we’re not worthy and that God really shouldn’t choose us to proclaim the Gospel. But … God has chosen us. God has chosen us to be heralds, with the shepherds and the angels, of the amazing message that God so loved the world that God gave God’s only Son. And we, at Christmas time and all the year through, are blessed to share this message with all.

We have an amazing message to proclaim. This child, wrapped in swaddling clothes and sleeping in a feeding trough, has come to feed and transform a broken and hurting world. We cannot keep silent. We must proclaim him to all! That is our calling. Thanks be to God!Luke 2:8-14 Christmas Eve Midnight Eucharist Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas December 24, 2018 See MoreSee Less

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