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We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ, united in our faith, dedicated to serving others. We welcome all, see and serve others, and know the joy of loving Jesus Christ.
We have been an active part of the Farmersville community for over 150 years, providing a spiritual home for all who seek to know Christ.





Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon


206 N Main Street

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Farmersville, TX 75442

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Families will squabble and fight. It’s what we do. We usually still love each other, but we will disagree and will sometimes fight about those disagreements. We do that because we are "next of kin."

Who are your "next of kin?" The church is the family of God and, hence, we are all next of kin with each other: we are called to treat each other as if we are family. Why, then, do we do such a terrible job of sharing with each other with the grace of God?

We name-call, back-bite, finger-point, and divide ourselves into us-and-them groupings. Our words and our deeds do not "give grace." Rather, too often what we say and what we do reflects a startling lack of grace. We are called to be means of grace for others; we are called to be the hands and feet, the eyes, the ears, and the lips of Jesus … but, sadly, we fail. Christians treat each other so badly, is it any wonder that those outside our walls doubt that we’ll treat them any better?

May we practice giving grace to each other through our words and deeds so that we may better give grace to those outside our walls. … grace that the world so desperately needs to receive, and which we so desperately need to share.Ephesians 4:25–5:2 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas August 12, 2018 See MoreSee Less

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When I first began as a student local pastor I was terrified of presiding at the Table of the Lord. The mystery of the Eucharist captivated me, and so I studied communion in graduate school and devoted my doctoral work to understanding the means of grace and and Christ’s real prince in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

What are the means of grace and how do they function in the Christian life of faith? How do they convey Christ’s grace to us and move us forward in sanctification toward perfection in love in this life? In short, how is Jesus the "bread of life" for us?John 6:24-35 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas August 5, 2018 See MoreSee Less

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In the midst of conflict in this world and even in the Church we must hear the good news that Jesus is our peace. Peace is more than just the absence of conflict or disagreement; true peace is, fundamentally, the end of against-ness with God and, as a result, the end of against-ness with our fellow human beings.

In Christ Jesus God has reconciled us to Godself, brining peace. God isn’t against us: God is for us, loves us, cares for us, and calls us all into a relationship of love empowered by grace and realized by faith. This is good news for us all, be we the greatest of saints or the lowliest of sinners. Regardless of background, ethnicity, nationality, language, or the name by which we call ourselves; regardless of who we love and marry, how much money we make, or who we vote for in politics: God has broken down the barrier which we have forged between us and God, and welcomed us into the divine relationship of love. And, because of love, God’s grace has broken down the barriers which we have erected between groups of humans. No longer are we "us" versus "them" but, rather, we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Yes, Jesus is our Peace. Our challenge is in accepting that peace, living by faith, trusting in God’s grace.Ephesians 2:11-22 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas July 22, 2018 See MoreSee Less

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