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We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ, united in our faith, dedicated to serving others. We welcome all, see and serve others, and know the joy of loving Jesus Christ.
We have been an active part of the Farmersville community for over 150 years, providing a spiritual home for all who seek to know Christ.




Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon

206 N Main Street

Farmersville, TX 75442

 Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 680

Farmersville, TX 75442


1. The Worship Committee will meet this Wednesday February 20th. The whole committee will meet at 5:15 PM and the committee members who work with music selection will meet at 6:15 PM.

2. Remember our weekly Bible Study every Tuesday at 1 PM in the Family Life Center. Please join us!

3. The Mission Committee will meet this Sunday February 24th right after our Worship service in the Baker House.

4. Please pick up your 2018 giving statement on the front pew!

5. Our February Altar Rail offering is for our Youth and Children’s Savings account to help with Camps, Mission trips and Vacation Bible School. Please consider giving generously!

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Jesus’ commands us to cast our nets wide for those God has for us. Sadly, many Christians refuse to cast their nets at all … and, when they do, they usually want to have a say regarding the kinds of "fish" they’re going to catch. They want to be choosy: "We want Smallmouth Bass, not Bluegill; we want Lake Trout, not Perch. We want Salmon, not Gar!" What they really mean is: "We want people who do this, not that; who are this, not that; who behave this way, not that way; who look like us, not different from us!"

Well, we don’t get to make those kinds of decisions, do we? Just as is true with fishing, so also we’re called to cast the net of God’s grace wide and welcome into the family of faith all those whom God sends our way. It doesn’t matter if they’re not exactly the kind of people that we thought we wanted: ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic status, marital status, gender, sexual orientation … such factors matter not. If God has sent them to us, who are we to say "no"? We’re simply called to cast our nets wide.

One of the things I hated the most about fishing when I was a kid was the icky chore of having to clean the fish. Thankfully, my Dad was an accomplished expert at quickly and perfectly cleaning our daily catch. Even more thankfully, so’s our Heavenly Father! We don’t clean the catch … God does in and through the love and transforming grace of Jesus Christ our Lord! And, it’s not our place to tell God that Jesus isn’t cleaning them "properly" or "enough" for our tastes. Again, we’re simply called to cast the net wide.Luke 5:1-11 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas February 10, 2019 See MoreSee Less

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"Love is patient, love is kind…." These simple words begin 1 Corinthians 13, one of the greatest reflections upon the meaning of love found anywhere. As we read the list of what love is and, more importantly, what love is not, becomes more and more obvious that love is not just a collection of mushy emotions. True, divine, agape love is:

"Considering the needs of another as being more important than, or essential to, your own needs."

I really like the phrasing "essential to" in the definition. When we love another, we are not just caring for them and doing what is best for them, we are doing so because their well being is part of our well being. We are connected in love to each other.

My prayer for the church is that God may re-awaken within us the realization that Christ’s call to love one another means that our neighbor’s well being (and, yes, their salvation) is essential to our very own. When we hate, disrespect, diminish, or deny the human worth, value, identity, and needs of our sisters and brothers — even those with whom we disagree — we are disobeying Christ’s calling to "love our neighbor as ourselves." Indeed, we are failing all of Jesus’ commandments for us.1 Corinthians 13:1-13 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas February 2, 2019 See MoreSee Less

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We are called to "do what Jesus says." From the Greatest Commandment to the Golden Rule, the calling to forgive and the calling to love our enemies, the directive to "pray privately" and to "judge not," it all comes down to loving one another. It really couldn’t be any easier. Sadly, throughout the centuries the church has usually failed to do most if not all of these.

Indeed, we’re often really too good at doing what Jesus tells us not to do. Nowhere did Jesus ever tell us to judge others, hate our neighbor, be arrogant about our spirituality, or "do unto others BEFORE they do unto us." Dear Lord, when will the church ever learn to do what Jesus says?John 2:1-11 By: Dr. Gregory S. Neal Senior Pastor: First United Methodist Church of Farmersville, Texas January 20, 2019 See MoreSee Less

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